Björn S. - Drums

Gregor F. - Bass/Vocals

Phillipp S. - Guitar/Vocals

Melik M. K. - Guitar


Former Members:
Sebastian L. ( † in 2019) - Guitar

      (founding member & original lineup)



Frantic Disruption is a young newcomer band founded in 2015 by Gregor, Björn, Sebastian and Phillipp in Hanover, Germany with the ambitious goal to make music which is settled between different genres of Extreme Metal while leaving the trails of Metal stereotypes. In 2019 Melik joined the band, after some hard times for Frantic Disruption and helped shifting the project to a whole new level with all his experience, unique guitarwork and songwriting skills. Frantic Disruption was finally complete again! 


Frantics music is best described as Progressive Melodic Death Metal with heavy influences of classic Black, Thrash and modern Metal. What makes Frantic Disruption special, is the usage of a wide variety of sounds and topics: clean guitars and captivating whispers next to thundering riffs, sweeping grooves and brutal growls. And all that is bound together by elaborated, philosophical lyrics about nature, life, war, current issues, dystopian and even utopian visions.